Panthera Press offers custom print design, branding, illustrations, books, and stationery. If you have an idea in mind, but don’t see a design that matches your vision just send us an email. We can work with your designs or create something special from scratch. Panthera Press’ mission is to offer quality design services with a traditional touch.



Panthera Press began in 2010 as a passion project for Danielle Wethington as she completed an internship in Massachusetts with book illustrator and pressman Barry Moser. After completing her internship and a subsequent Masters with a focus on Graphic Design/Book Arts, Danielle moved back to her hometown in Virginia and started up a proper printshop. Panthera Press began taking commercial work in 2012 and has been growing ever since.

About the Printer

Danielle Wethington has always had a passion for books. It was this love of narrative that prompted her to pursue a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Still, illustration alone wasn’t enough to get the full sense of the book and so she expanded her focus to include many other book arts including paper marbling, gilding, binding, and typography. Although the 7×11″ press size doesn’t allow for as much in the way of creating robust fine press books, the work that Panthera Press  allows Danielle to maintain a connection to her passion for the book arts and draw together her many disparate skills. To learn more about Danielle or to see more of her personal work including book design, printmaking, illustration and graphic design visit:


PRINTING | Panthera Press is a small letterpress shop. We are currently outfitted with a 7×11″ Chandler and Price Press and can print letterpress, die cut, duplex, and edge paint your custom project.

DESIGN | Even if you aren’t looking for printing we offer a wide range of design solutions. Danielle has a MFA in design and is prepared to create just about anything you need including branding, publication design, and advertising graphics.

ILLUSTRATION | Working in watercolor, ink, graphite, and various digital media, illustration is another service Danielle can provide for you. To see more of her illustration work visit:

Product Offerings

The Printing Process

THE PRINTING PROCESS If you’re really interested in learning about the letterpress process check out our blog.

How It Works

1. DESIGN | The first step involved in depth discussion with the client. At this stage we discuss quantity, color, materials, graphics, and typography. Clients are involved at every step of the design process as the work evolves to their vision.

2. MATERIALS | After final designs are approved materials are ordered and printing plates are made.

3. TRIMMING + INK MIXING | Materials are quality checked and paper cut down to specified sizes. Additionally any custom ink colors are hand mixed to match client provided swatches, envelopes, or Pantone numbers. If included edge painting happens at this stage as well.

4. MAKEREADY | This is the most technical part of the printing process, and the one that we feel requires the most skill. Care is taken to align each color printing plate with hairline accuracy. For each plate pressure and ink are adjusted to create top quality, consistent prints.

5. PRINTING | As each print is hand pulled a sharp eye ensures that any misprints are removed from the stack.

6. QUALITY CONTROL + PACKING | After the prints have dried they are checked for alignment and ink coverage. The prints are then packed and shipped to the client.

7. ENJOYING THE PRINT | We hope that the prints you receive will be everything you dreamed of. Prints are photographed and displayed online in our portfolio. If you would like a high resolution file of the final photo just let us know!